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8 June 2016

David Cameron, a Prime Minister, says to go on trying the website - though legislation will be required to make your registration work.

Referendum drill

REGISTER to vote by midnight on 7 June for the EU referendum, if you haven't registered to vote for the constituency where you live already.

Bear in mind that the referendum is on Thursday 23 June, and it being midsummer you may well be away from home for all of that day - it's the start of the Glastonbury Festival weekend, for example. To get a postal ballot, you need to first be registered to vote with your local council's electoral department and then get your application for a postal vote in before 8 June. Details are here. (If you were born in Northern Ireland, go here or in special cases, for example if you need to be an Anonymous Voter or are an Irish citizen living overseas here.)

The recent NUJ Delegate Meeting passed a motion reminding members that - should they face undue pressure to reflect a particular view one way or another on EU membership in their reporting of the EU referendum - the NUJ Ethics hotline is there to offer support and advice. Contact details are here.

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