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Delegate Meeting votes for campaign on Hinckley Point

AT THE NUJ Delegate Meeting on 16 April 2016, LFB delegate Elizabeth Ingrams, in her speech to conference on motion 124, reminded delegates that the NUJ has a 35-year-old anti-nuclear policy, whilst also noting the catastrophes of Chernobyl 30 years ago and Fukushima in 2011, which is still ongoing.

She stated that in her own research she has seen for herself the bags of irradiated soil in the vicinity of, as well as miles away from, Fukushima. She expressed the view that many news outlets are ill-informed on nuclear matters. After a counted vote, conference passed the motion, which called for a campaign by the Union's National Executive Council (NEC) against the Hinckley Point nuclear power station agreement with the Chinese government and the state-owned French energy company Eléctricité de France (EDF).The decision on the renewal of Hinckley Point is currently stalled due to debts of EDF.

Elizabeth also noted that the NUJ also has an anti-nuclear weapons policy along with other trade unions and that in 2016, various trade union branches have proposed to renew anti-nuclear motions as the government gears up to renew the Trident submarine missile system to the cost of £205 billion over 30 years.

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