LFB's yuletide party 12/12/16 - you're invited!

NUJ London Freelance Branch Party invitation; Fi O'Cleirigh

MANY freelances don't have an office party to which they are invited - they often work in an "office" of just one. Or those who work all year round in the companies where you happen to be working at this time of year, and who get to draw up the Christmas party guestlists, somehow neglected to add you, or weren't even aware of your existence.

However, at London Freelance Branch, we believe in combatting the isolation that often comes with freelance work. We believe that the trade unionist principle of mutual aid and solidarity should include throwing an end-of-year bash specifically aimed at those people who - due to the their freelance status - don't usually get invites to such events.

And so, LFB's seasonally themed festive gathering shall come to pass on Monday 12 December. Due to the NUJ London HQ where we usually hold such celebrations not quite being finished with renovations yet, it'll be in the generously proportioned hall of the London Welsh Centre, Gray's Inn Road, WC1X 8UE. (It's also known as Canolfan Cymry Llundain, and is identifiable by the flag it proudly flies depicting a red dragon. There's a map here.)

Kick-off is at 7pm, 'till late. Yes, there is a bar, with a generous amount of money behind the bar to ensure that your first drink is free, courtesy of LFB. Free food is laid on as well. Your Branch Committee is "on it" regarding sourcing a sound system, music and people to play it. And yes, the venue is licensed for singing and dancing!

NUJ LFB members - and members of other London NUJ Branches, Headland House staff or other NUJ members who find themselves in London that evening - are hereby cordially invited.

If you are an LFB member and have in mind another journalist, not yet an NUJ member, who you feel might one day in the future be persuaded to join the Union, bring that person along! (This could include, for example, that sympathetic commissioning editor, or that press officer you're in touch with a lot, but who you may never have actually met. The NUJ does have a Press and PR Branch!)

Feel free to bring along partners and mates, too.

The organisers - from your very own LFB Committee - promise there will be no motions, references to Standing Orders, votes, counts or any such procedures. We pledge also there will be no Branch Business of any kind beyond welcoming new members who've just joined the Branch and a single - briefest possible - interruption early on for the absolute minimum of LFB announcements.

LFB's Committee comes up for re-election at its AGM in January. So if you are considering putting yourself forward as a candidate for a Committee post next year - see here for details, a few of these posts are remunerated - it's a chance to discuss this with a Committee member in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, without obligation. As ever, bring business cards - networking and collaboration opportunities!

Looking forward to seeing you there!