President's round-up

NUJ PRESIDENT and LFB member Tim Dawson's column "President's Platform" is online at His views are entirely his own - though he has been elected President of the organisation, so they hold a little weight. Recent articles include:

  • Care about press freedom? Act now! We believe the opportunity to influence the Investigatory Powers Bill has passed, but there's still time to influence two more pieces of legislation "in many respects more deadly, and certainly more insidious than bully-boy secret policemen and arbitrary edicts shutting down newspapers". These are clauses of the Police and Crime Bill and the Digital Economy Bill.
  • Sutton strikers

    Newsquest strikers in Sutton, earlier (see below)

  • Local news photography is important - on the need for the "photographic databases of community life" to continue, with photos that remain properly captioned and "properly titled and archived".
  • Exposed photographers resist gloom - Tim notes NUJ photographers - nearly 2000 of them - have not taken the "cull of photojournalists' jobs" sitting down. On 11 February 2017 they will come together at a conference in London to consider industrial strategies to combat the assault on pictorial journalism and share effective new routes to making a living with a camera: see "Photographers' summit 2017".
  • Self-exposure is key to broadcast storytelling - journalists get to grips with the "narcissist's wand," aka the selfie stick, as a tool for broadcast journalism, at the Dublin Freelance Branch Autumn Freelance Forum.
  • Newsquest desk jockeys revolt - Tim's report from the picket lines at Newsquest South London in Sutton, where local newspaper journalists are on strike over massive staff cuts. As a result of these, "no longer will they attend court hearings, local government meetings or speak with members of the public."
  • Creative Commons warning! How a cartoonist supplying illustrations to a campaigning charity under a Creative Commons Licence left him powerless when his work ended up on a fascist leaflet.