Life after Brexit in Belgium

NUJ Brussels Branch now has a guide for UK nationals - predominantly freelances - working in Belgium. It opens by noting, "while Brexit is making headlines for journalists all round the world, few of those actually writing the headlines have had time to give consideration to their own likely status after Brexit."

Mural showing Tintin at Brussels South station; Matt Salusbury

Belgium's best-known journalist, Tintin (shown here on a mural at Brussels South Station) presumably already has Belgian nationality.

Key points in the guide include: Irish nationality is good (some UK nationals in Brussels Branch have already taken steps to get it); if you've been freelancing, keep records of your Social Security payments; if you've been in Belgium for less than five years, to become officially Belgian you'll have to decide on a language to demonstrate proficiency in - Dutch, French or German - and start learning it now if you haven't already. Yes, you can have both UK and Belgian nationality.

We'll alert members to any guides for UK national freelance journalists in other EU countries as soon as we become aware of them - if you know of any, please contact us via the Freelance email. For an update on EU nationals who are frelances living and working in the UK, see here.