The Freelance on the go: how is it for you?

We've updated this Freelance newsletter and Freelance Fees Guide online to work better on more handheld devices - see and

Initial responses have been positive; but there are hundreds of different configurations of device and software to cater for. We know that if you use the web browser program Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 8 or earlier, it will look strange. You'd want to upgrade that anyway, to avoid viruses and other malware.

Apologies, then, if you find anything broken. If you do, please email telling us what page you were visiting and the name and version number of the browser program you used to try to visit it. (As above, "Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8" is a well-formed answer to that question; "Safari version 10.0" is another).

With the help of your feedback, we'll work through the rest of the site.