Their Paid Appearances

The Oxford Literary Festival has, following the resignation of its patron Philip Pullman in protest, as well as a campaign by the Society of Authors (SoA) agreed it will henceforth pay its authors fees, of £150 (plus VAT where applicable).

As Pullman noted, a festival "pays the people who supply the marquees, it pays the printers who print the brochure", as well as paying for venue hire, people to do admin and PR, for electricity, for the food and drink laid on - so why can't they the people the punters come for, the authors? He told The Author he was "extremely pleased" at the outcome.

An SoA survey of literary festival organisers back in 2015 found that of the 17 who replied, 12 paid authors fees, ranging from £100 to £1000, mostly within the £150-2000 range. We've recently heard several examples of how NUJ freelances have talked up offers of zero for punditry and being on a panel at festivals into meaningful fees, often through quick thinking on the spot.