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Public Lending Right to cover ebooks

A EUROPEAN Court of Justice ruling in November removed obstacles to Public Lending Right (PLR) payments to authors for library lending of their ebooks. Culture Minister Matt Hancock then announced that the ruling would "inform the wording" of a clause on ebook lending and PLR to be inserted by the UK Government in the Digital Economy Bill, currently in the House of Lords and expected to get royal assent this Spring. Watch this space.

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Meanwhile, authors who've signed up to PLR (for both the UK and the Republic of Ireland) can expect shortly micropayments for each time their book's lent at a public library. These also cover a limited amount of ebook lending already - occasions on which borrowers bring in their laptops into a public library and have ebooks on loan downloaded onto them. If you have a book (or a chapter of an anthology) out, details of the PLR scheme and the "free money" it pays to authors are here.