Why you should hang on to your rights

THERE SEEMS little doubt that the value of syndication has gone down with the general decline of print media and the availability of our work online. Time was, writers in some fields could regularly do a piece for the Bugle in London and sell it on to the Echo in Melbourne. If the Bugle sells it on they should pay the writer half what they get.

It's not dead, though.

One member reports in the past three months getting £550 from a Japanese mag for a Pink Floyd piece that appeared in Mojo about 10 years ago; and £80 from a small US mag for a piece on AC/DC for Sounds back in 1976. Both of these were sold on through the rocksbackages.com online music journalism library, which took 50 per cent of the fee it got.

This member is definitely pleased they didn't sign away their copyright - if they had, the UK mags would have kept the lot.