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NUJ Photographers’ & videographers’ summit

PHOTOGRAPHERS AND videographers from across the UK met for a "summit" in London on 11 February. There were workshops on subjects ranging from where you can take photos in public, with Belfast photographer Kevin Cooper and Tamsin Allen, a partner at the law firm Bindmans - to tips on how to go from a staff photographer to freelance, with Freelance Industrial Council chair Nick McGowan-Lowe and National Executive member Natasha Hirst.

Campaigning photographer David Hoffman gave one of the workshops, with Assistant Freelance Organiser Pamela Morton, on how to avoid getting ripped off by ensuring copyright infringers pay up and how to use the small claims court. David told the Freelance: "There were many aspects of the - only too brief - Photographers' Summit that made it a valuable event. Top of the list for me was networking with colleagues who I rarely see in the flesh. This was not just enjoyable but really helped to build a sense that we are a cohesive industry and that our mutual support is what keeps us all afloat."

David told the event that last year he extracted £16,707 from chasing up people who had used his pictures without permission. He concluded: "The limited time that we had meant that we could only cover the basics of the various topics discussed. I hope and expect that there will be days arranged in the near future where each of these topics can be focused on individually and in depth."

NUJ Freelance Organiser John Toner told the Freelance: "It was heartening to hear so many positive comments about the summit from those who attended. We designed it to appeal to as many members as possible, and I believe we achieved that."