LETTER: Online only, so far

Woeful rates

In the April issue of the Freelance, day rates for shifts on periodicals of between £120 and £160 are not labelled as below par. In my view, they are unacceptably low. I was getting between £100 and £120 over 20 years ago for subbing and/or layout shifts on various periodicals. I consider that, taking into account overheads, etc, a freelance doing casual shifts needs to earn in three working days roughly what a full-time employee is paid per week if he/she is to net a comparable sum.

The editor writes:

  • We found two rates that fit your description and are below £160 and revised their scoring. We initially rely on people's self-scoring - and it's a sad reflection on the state of the industry that people aren't rating these, er, rates as poor... Please treat this response as appearing with your letter in the Journalist.