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The Freelance Directory on a mobile: see it in glorious live colour

THE NUJ Freelance Directory is the most reliable and probably the biggest listing of professional English-language media freelances. Now we've redesigned it to work better on mobile devices, so it looks a bit fresher too. Every freelance in it is an NUJ member who's demonstrated to the Union that they are in fact a professional journalist - whereas some other directories list anyone who pays a fee. Your entry in the Freelance Directory is free to you as a paid-up NUJ member who has told the union you're freelance. Go to to create or update your entry - especially if you've just joined the NUJ. You can upload sample photos, which can include a photo of yourself for your profile. You need to make sure the union centrally knows you are freelance: we give full details of how to do this at

The Freelance plans to feature selected new profiles - what do you think of that as an idea? Tell us - at

And the Union's Freelance Industrial Council is discussing fresh ways to promote the Freelance Directory to editors, starting with those known to want to engage trade union members.