Welcome photographers

MANY former members of the London Photographers' Branch now find themselves members of London Freelance Branch.

Mass photography demo organised by former London Photography Branch members, 2010

A mass photography action in Trafalgar Square in 2010, protesting at attempts to restrict public photography under anti-terrorism. It was organised by former members of NUJ London Photographers' Branch

LPB achieved a good deal, but recently it has struggled to sustain a working committee. As a result, the National Executive took the reluctant decision to close London Photographers' Branch and to move its members to LFB (unless they requested otherwise).

The LFB Committee extends a warm welcome to those lens-based journalists who find themselves newly among us. We hope in the coming months to programme some branch meetings to address the interests of photographers and videographers, like last year's successful workshop run by Verifeye's John D McHugh