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Meet the playwrights

THE WRITERS' GUILD of Great Britain continues its series of popular panel events, this time with playwrights - pictured here.

Playwrights' pictures supplied to WGGB
Ali Taylor (Fault Lines, Cotton Wool, Overspill)

Playwrights' pictures supplied to WGGB
Bryony Lavery (The Believers, Queen Coal, Thursday, Treasure Island)

Playwrights' pictures supplied to WGGB
Charlene James (Tweet Tweet, Cuttin' It)

Each is at a different stages of their career. The three writers will talk about the business and processes involved in the world of playwriting, including:

  • how to establish and maintain a career as a playwright;
  • whether different labels given to playwrights, eg "emerging", "mid-career", "established", help or hinder;
  • changes and developments in the theatre industry; and
  • the joys and challenges of writing for theatre.

Poppy Corbett, playwright and co-chair of WGGB's London & South East Committee, will chair the discussion.

The discussion will close with an audience Q&A.There will be time for networking drinks afterwards.

It's from 7:45 to 10pm on Monday 12 June at the St Alban's Centre, 18 Brooke Street, London EC1N 7RD.

It's free to WGGB members and £10 to the public and £5 concessions. London Freelance Branch members can email our ever-obliging editors for a code that gets you in for half price. Use the link below.