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Italian journalists meet a Londra

GIL STANDS FOR Giornalisti Italiani a Londra: it is an informal community of Italian reporters who are based in London, founded two years ago by London Freelance Branch Committee member Francesca Marchese. Every two month it holds a free meeting with an inspiring journalist.

Italian Journalists in London; © Francesca Marchese

The gathering in September

The September meeting welcomed John Hooper - who is a freelance reporter, and member of the NUJ. Francesca described the meeting as "incredible, really useful and productive". John is the Italy and the Vatican correspondent for The Economist and has estensive experience in both Italian and Spanish coverage. Ten Italian journalists came, and discussed the current situation in Italy - John later wrote for the Economist that there is good news there.

The Italian newspaper Londra Italia was also present and reported the meeting (in Italian!).