Crowdfund to stop the Murdoch bid for Sky

THE CAMPAIGN for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF) has launched a £20,000 crowdfunding campaign at to stop the Murdochs' bid to buy all of Sky. Rupert Murdoch has agreed a deal to sell off most of his film and TV assets to Disney, but this was framed as happening after the takeover. The bid is subject to the outcome of an inquiry by the Competition and Markets Authority into broadcasting standards at the Murdochs' 21st Century Fox and News Corp media organisations: on 23 January it provisionally ruled that the bid was "not in the public interest" but that will almost certainly be challenged by the Murdochs.

Mural featuring Murdoch; Photo: Matt Salusbury

Rupert Murdoch features on a street art mural in Shoreditch (it's since vanished)

Contrariwise, on 14 February campaigning organisation won the right to a judicial review of a ruling by communications regulator that Sky would remain a "fit and proper" broadcaster if taken over.

The £20,000 will fund a CPBF campaign worker and the production of campaign materials. LFB is proud to be affiliated to the CPBF. New Branch delegate to the Campaign Tony Levine was elected in January. Come back here for updates and links.