Precarious work - give your views

THIS SPRING the government opened a total of four consultations on changes to employment law aimed to strengthen the rights of (some) people in precarious work. The proposals under consultation have been described by Trades Union Congress (TUC) General Secretary Francis O'Grady as "a baby step". They were in response to the disappointing Taylor Review into Modern Employment Practices (see the August 2017 Freelance) and a subsequent report by two Parliamentary Committees (December 2017).

Proposals include improvements to the enforcement of holiday pay and statutory sick pay entitlements, more enforcement of rules on "umbrella companies" and some limited improvements to awards at Employment Tribunal.

Also planned is a right for all workers from "day one" (the day they start work) to be given detailed written statements about pay, conditions and deductions. There are also proposals on removing the legal loophole that allows employers to pay agency workers far less than permanent staff doing the exact same job. Ministers are also consultating on the enforcement of employment rights and on the complex tests of whether someone is engaged as genuinely self-employed.

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