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La Stampa and the Trust Project

THE TRUST Project has developed tools to identify and certify reliable contents for online newspapers with a sort of digital label, a bit like those for tracing food products, recognisable by search engine algorithms which in this way can enhance them.

I have worked with conviction to identify its indicators and to publish the Code of Ethics for La Stampa to which all the employees and collaborators are required to conform. I have also participated in the development of the ethical rules of journalists. Their implementation is a different matter.

Thanks to a platform developed for this purpose, the biographies of journalists who want to join the project are online so that the articles published with the Trust Project logo have clickable authors, in order to know who they are and see their profile, their face, the summary of their CV, their social accounts or their email address to be able to contact them.

But editorial work must also be transparent: who is the journalist who edited the article, what are the documents and the sources of reference? And the corrections must must also be transparent, and include their date and time.

The usability of this model needs to be publicised more, in order to help readers to report errors.

We believe that increasing transparency and dialogue with the public makes us more credible and help us win readers' trust.

All this takes time because a deep cultural change is needed in newsrooms, where - in a time of crisis of newspapers - there is still the need to be clear to win back the trust of the public by every single person and the whole company.