The Trireme -
book publisher skirting illegality

A trireme

The Trireme is awarded for "the worst terms since I was last chained to the oars," in the words of one freelance. This month the Trireme goes to the unnamed book publisher who reportedly paid one freelance £50 a day for book editing. Assuming it's a standard day shift of seven hours, then it would be below National Minimum Wage (NMW) even before this went up to £7.83 an hour in April. Regrettably, contracts made with the self-employed are not covered by the National Minimum Wage Act, so paying £50 a day to a freelance is actually legal. If you work shifts and get holiday pay, though, you may meet the criteria for being a "worker". In these circumstances you might have a Minimum Wage Act case if you're paid less than £55.02 for said seven-hour day.