#useitpayforit & revenge on those who don't

THE NUJ's #useitpayforit campaign has taken on a life of its own. It aims to raise awareness of the issue of publishers using images for free with amateur photographers and videographers - who, by giving their work away for nothing, "are undermining professional photographers and the worth of good photographs and videos" as it says at useitpayforit.info

Every few days, it seems, someone reports on Twitter that a newspaper has asked to use their photo or video - usually generously offering "a credit" - and that when they said "no" the paper sometimes went ahead anyway. Some argue that if they "embed" an image online - hoicking it off the Twitter server, for example, not copying it onto their own machine - copyright is not invoked.

Freelance journalist @GemmaFraser10 got just this treatment from the Independent and Women's Health, both wanting to "follow up" a piece she did for Take a Break magazine on her daughter's health. Both wanted photos. When she mentioned cash, they went ahead and embedded social media images.

What neither had realised was that she could change the image captions to include the #useitpayforit hashtag - which she did, leaving their websites displaying her carefully-crafted complaint abour their unlicensed use of her images. She was rewarded with a writeup in Private Eye.