Tell Parliamentarians about earnings issues

THE ALL-PARTY Parliamentary Writers Group, which keeps MPs and Lords from all sides of the political spectrum informed on issues pertinent to writers, is holding an inquiry into authors' earnings. It seeks to identify what environment writers need to enable them to flourish in the future.

The Group observes that "writers contribute to the richness of our diverse culture and the success of our creative industries"; and, we would add, to the struggle for informed democratic debate.

It goes on: "to preserve this continued contribution, it is important to make sure writers have the freedom to share and make a living through their work."

This inquiry follows studies commissioned by the Authors' Licensing & Collecting Society in 2005 and 2013, which showed steep declines in authors' earnings and in the number of authors who made a living from their writing.

The Group would like to hear from all types of writers, by Thursday 2 August. For more see