Festival of Italian Literature in London

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AS LONDON'S Italian community face the twin challenges of Brexit and the "illness of democracy" afflicting Italy, LFB members will receive a 25 per cent discount on tickets to events at the Festival of Italian Literature in London (FILL), which runs from 27-28 October at the Coronet Theatre in Notting Hill.

Speakers include Igiaba Scego, Sharmaine (editor at Little, Brown), Walter Siti, Olivia Laing (The Lonely City), Ali Smith, historian Donald Sassoon, Lorenzo Marsili, poet George Szirtes, Veronica Raimo, Sophie Mackintosh, Paolo Berizzi (La Repubblica) and Forensic Architecture.

It includes an event on "The politics of translation, London as a second language". There's a full programme at www.fill.org.uk/events.