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1 November 2018

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Freelance Salon: Investigative journalism lives!

FREELANCE SALON, put together by LFB Committee, is an evening of networking and journalism workshops with a special focus on diversification and new ways to make journalism pay.

Our topic on 29 November is: Investigative journalism lives! with Meirion Jones And Paul Lashmar.


At the 2017 Salon

Russian spies? The Windrush scandal? Cambridge Analytica?

Many of us, all generations, see investigative journalism as the height of our profession, the peak of our aspirations, the way we best serve the nation and the democracy. That is, a fine thing for a journalist to do...

But it takes ages. And freelances have no salary, no guaranteed income - so how the hell can we fulfill our highest professional aspirations... and eat, keep a roof over our heads, in sum make a living out of it?

LFB Salon presents two distinguished speakers, both practitioners well qualified to offer and steer us towards some answers.

Meirion Jones is commissioning editor at the Bureau For Investigative Journalism. Before his 2016 appointment to the expanding(!) Bureau he reported for the BBC's Panorama and Newsnight on everything from vulture funds to bogus bomb detectors and the "fake Sheikh".

He won the Daniel Pearl Award for his investigation into the dumping of toxic waste in Africa by Dutch metals and energy giant Trafigura and the London Press Awards Scoop Of The Year Award for his part in the Jimmy Savile revelations.

Paul Lashmar, now deputy head of Journalism at City University, has worked as an investigative journalist for the Observer, the Independent On Sunday, and TV's World In Action, Timewatch and Dispatches. His subjects included terrorism, the secret state (including the Edward Snowden story), organised crime, and business fraud. He has won Reporter Of The Year (with David Leigh) at the British Press Awards and co-authored a textbook, Online Journalism.

In the LFB Salon tradition, around Meirion and Paul's talks there will be plenty of time for both formal questions and answers and discussion and - at the beginning and end of the evening - chat/networking with fellow freelances over snacks and drinks (wine and assorted non-alcoholics).