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Submit details of your articles by 30/11 for free money!

If you are a member of the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) you have until 30 November to submit details of your written articles if you want to get a payout for secondary uses of your work at ALCS's next "distribution" of income.

If you have articles published over which you have retained copyright and you haven't joined ALCS already, do so now. Details:

Updated 14/11/2018

If you want ALCS to handle payments for your photos and illustrations in books and magazines, you have until 31 December 2018 to make a claim. See these instructions.

There is no date restriction on the claims you make. Unlike the ALCS claims scheme for written contributions to magazines and journals, you can claim for the visual contributions you have made at any time - there is no three-year restriction.


If you prefer that the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) continues to handle your payments, go to - you can register with one or the other, not both.