Afghanistan update

LONDON Freelance Branch Committee has established a sub-committee to discuss sending a delegation to Kabul to meet the Federation of Afghan Journalists, a newly-established journalists' union formed from 17 organisations that existed before. Members of the subcommittee are: Safi, Tim and Mike.

The Federation of Afghan Journalists is in mourning following the killings of four more of its members since April. As reported at nine journalists were killed in an April double suicide bombing in Kabul and a BBC reporter was assassinated in Khost province on the same day.

Mohammad Salim Inghar, a cameraman with Afghan national TV, is the latest victim. He was killed on October 18 in a Taliban attack in Kandahar, in which Kandahar police chief, General Abdul Raziq and the provincial intelligence chief, Abdul Momin, were also killed. Mr Inghar was 64 and a father of six children. According to Reporters Without Borders, 14 journalists and one media worker have been killed in Afghanistan in the year up to 30 November 2018. The journalists' federation believes the figure is much higher than reported by foreign press.