The Gong - a general exhortation

The Gong is a wake-up call for late payers. But freelances also need to remember that they often won't get paid until they invoice their clients.

The Freelance Office reports that one member has let themselves get into a situation where they are owed something in the region of £24,000, just by failing to invoice promptly and to make enquiries as soon as invoices are due but still unpaid. This is a reminder to invoice promptly.

If you do invoice promptly and in little bits, you can claim £40 compensation plus interest at rates over 8 per cent on each invoice - see - but if you finally get around to sending one big belated invoice for a five-figure sum you're owed, you can claim only £70 plus interest for amounts between £1000 and £10,000 if payment is late.

See past entries at www.londonfreelance‌.org/‌gong.html - and also see how to claim interest and compensation from late payers at www.londonfreelance‌.org/‌interest.html and how NUJ members can ask for assistance with them at www.londonfreelance‌.org/‌collect.html