Support the NG27!

A MESSAGE of support has been sent by LFB Committee to the NG27 - 27 artists and educators engaged by the National Gallery who are seeking recognition as employees rather than freelances, with retrospective holiday pay. Their case came before an Employment Tribunal on 27 November, with a judgement expected on 7 December.

Most of the artists and educators, who welcomed visitors and gave talks on the works on display at the National Gallery, were hired on an "ad hoc"basis. Most have been dismissed. Seven are still working - under protest - on less well-paid staff or casual contracts. The gallery treated the educators as freelances, but made deductions to their pay through PAYE, gave them staff badges, trained them and put them through regular appraisals. The 27 allege they were effectively employees.

LFB's letter of support said, "This case goes straight to the heart of issues around 'bogus' self-employment practices and the exploitation of precarious workers in the gig economy. We hope you have positive outcome from the Employment Tribunal... let us know if you need more support in other ways... Our union, NUJ will of course welcome any point of law which improves the consultation rights for all workers. We note that NG27's campaign highlights recent cross-party pledges to increase the rights of vulnerable workers."

The NG27's crowd-funding page is here.