Salon a sell-out success

LFB'S FREELANCE Salon networking event at the end of December was a sell-out. How to make a living out of investigative journalism was the theme.

Participant asks a question at Freelance Salon

A participant puts a question to the panel seated at the table on the right - Meiron Jones (left), Freelance Salon co-organiser Nick Renaud-Komiya (centre) and Paul Lashmar (right).

Paul Lashmar, ace reporter and lecturer at City University, London said at the event: "Investigative journalism is bloody good fun. There’s nothing like sticking it to some rotten bastard who's stitching up ordinary people" and "Yes, you can pitch to Panorama as an unknown - it's all about how strong is the story" and "Sure there are people out there who will try to steal your story, but if I work with a freelance who has good stories I want to make sure they walk away happy."

Paul added that "The demand for good data journalism is the main driving factor in the field now" and "I'm working with the NUJ on a document to advise on how you keep your data secure and avoid being hacked by Inspector Knacker".

Meiron Jones from the Bureau Of Investigative Journalism told participants, "It's not about qualifications, it's about learning skills. Mostly you will be taken on trust," and "If you know more about a subject than else in the room you are an expert".

Meiron Jones, Paul Lashmar, Phil Sutcliffe, Nick Renaud-Komiya and Francesca Marchese

Meiron Jones (first from left), Paul Lashmar (first from right) and Freelance Salon co-organisers from LFB Committee: Phil Sutcliffe(left), Nick Renaud-Komiya (centre) and Francesca Marchese (right).