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Free money! Update your details by 28/02/19

IF YOU'RE a writer whose articles appear in magazines or "journals", there is FREE MONEY to be had from licences from secondary uses of your work - from university library photocopying and internal use by corporations and the like. If you haven't done so, now's the time to join the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS). They collect millions for such licences and distribute this through two annual "distributions" - the next one is on 20 March. In some cases, LFB members have had payments approaching the lower four-figure range from such ALCS distributions.

You'll need to be signed up to ALCS in plenty of time for 28 February to enjoy the fruits of the March distribution. Those who are already members of ALCS need to update any of their details that have changed (address, bank account, email, etc.) by that date.

Once you've registered with ALCS, there will be an online form on the members' area where you can update ALCS as to the articles you've had published, likely to result in some more money coming your way.

ALCS doesn't pay out for articles you've had published in newspapers. Many trade press titles have re-invented themselves in a magazine format in recent years, but ALCS won't be aware of these changes unless you tell them. The Freelance's own deputy editor was able to alert ALCS that a trade publication for which he regularly wrote had changed from a "newspaper" to a "magazine" - therby ensuring a bit more money via ALCS once their system has been updated.(This apparently works for trade magazines that only exist as online pdf documents or apps that are still in a magazine format.)

Photographers and illustrators have the option of signing up for a similar FREE MONEY stream via the Design and Arts Copyright Society (DACS).