The Gong: The Pool

THE GONG is awarded to publishers who need a wake-up call on late payments.

This month's The Gong award goes to women's lifestyle website The Pool. In all fairnesss, we should say that The Pool have themselves woken up to a late payments problem. They have announced that they are suspending commissions from freelances while they work through a "backlog" of late payments to freelances. They were as of mid-January already in touch with the freelances who are owed money, according to a report in Press Gazette

This is a shining example of best practice in dealing with issues of late payment compared to some clients who we've previously featured in The Gong. By contrast, some of these have been so chaotic they seem unaware that they owe any money in the first place, let alone do anything about it.

As ever, we remind freelances you aren't even legally owed money until the client becomes aware of your invoice. No invoice, no money. So INVOICE PROMPTLY, that way you don't end up being owed £1800by one client, as a result of putting off invoicing.