Freelances remembered in House Agreement

THE NUJ Trinity Mirror Chapel on Merseyside, supported by the NUJ Northern Organisers, has recently concluded a House Agreement with Reach (the company that now owns Trinty Mirror and the Express titles). This agreement includes freelances, casuals and recognition of freelances' copyright. In it is a commitment to raise freelance shift rates in line with any increase in staff pay.

NUJ Northern Organiser Chris Morley told the NUJ's Freelance Industrial Council; "It was pleasing to be able to include those elements in the new agreement but of course we would wish for more. As you know, employers are often fiercely hostile to inclusion of any reference to freelances in house agreements... Fortunately we did have something in the old agreement to build on and it was thanks to the Chapel's insistence that it was retained and improved that we got what has now been concluded."