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European journalists launch manifesto for European elections


AHEAD OF the European Elections on 26 May, the European Federation of Journalists has launched a manifesto calling on all candidates for the members of the European Parliament to commit to the following 8 principles for free media:

  • Media pluralism
  • Financial sustainability and the future of journalism
  • Investigative journalism
  • Collective bargaining and social protection for all workers
  • Trust and accountability through ethical journalism
  • Authors' rights - fair contracts for all
  • Strong independent public service media
  • Safety at work: no to impunity for those who harm journalists

The Federation has prepared a template letter that NUJ members in Ireland, joined-up Europe - and, who knows, writing today, the UK too - may wish to send to candidates. It concludes:

We trust that you... will exercise your mandate and tackle media issues, particular on violations of journalists' rights, in the spirit of the Charter of Fundamental Rights Article 11 on media freedom and media pluralism. Our European democracies are at stake if journalism and media are not fully supported.