The Branch meeting on 11 March features advice from Bindmans Solicitors on these matters.

EU Settled Status guidance

THE NUJ has issued guidance, with Thompsons Solicitors, explaining the current legal rights of our EU-national colleagues living in the UK.

EU Settled Status poster on bus shelter

Government information posters are already appearing advertising the EU Settlement Scheme

This covers the possible rights which might be conferred on if the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified; the Government's current plan for EU nationals and their families to have the right to apply for "Settled Status"; and proposed changes to the settled status scheme in the event of a "no-deal Brexit" - the UK leaving the EU without any agreement on the terms of its withdrawal.

It also looks briefly at the Government's proposed new immigration system.

Please take the time to study its 20 pages. It outlines the EU Settled Status application procedure. There is currently a voluntary trial of this, but it's probably best to wait until the bugs in it are ironed out and for the full EU Settled Status applications programme to open on 30 March this year.

The briefing confirms that a "qualified person" eligible for EU Settled Status does include "a self-employed person working in the UK" as well as the retired, those off work due to illness and those actively seeking work with a "realistic chance of getting it." The advice warns that the Common Travel Area allowing freedom of movement between the UK and the Republic of Ireland may not be legally binding.

There is UK legislation on the shelf that would give Irish nationals the right to "remain in the UK without restriction" in the event of no deal, but this will have to pass the UK Parliament.

The NUJ's guidance also goes into the arrangements for an Administrative Review if your EU Settled Status is rejected - there's still a fee for this review.

The Guidance for EU workers on applying for Settled Status is here.

  • Watch this space for possible announcements of further advice sessions.
  • See here for an update for our UK national members based in other EU member states.