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No Deal travel advisory

Expiry date on passport

Expiry date on UK passport

JUST BECAUSE you're a UK national based in the UK, it doesn't mean a possible no deal Brexit won't affect you.

The Freelance understands that the UK Government's Operation Yellowhammer (the civil service and UK embassies preparing for a no-deal Brexit) includes dealing with UK nationals whose debit cards might not work in the EU on March 29 (we just don't know) or UK nationals not allowed to cross a border because their passports have less than six months validity left on them.

UK nationals in the EU and UK nationals thinking of travelling for any length of time to the EU should ensure that their UK passport has at least six months of validity after 29 March - renew it now if it's going to expire any time soon. You might just have time to renew it by March 29 if you get a move on. And maybe take some euro in cash.