Seek redress for Universal Credit woes

MANY freelances have relied on assistance such as Working Tax Credit to get through lean Times and have had problems being moved to Universal Credit - see the December Freelance. Leigh Day solicitors write:

Tessa Gregory's team at Leigh Day represent an individual who is self-employed and finds herself in significant financial hardship due to the application of the Minimum Income Floor (MIF) since she first had to claim Universal Credit in October 2017. She has brought a legal challenge against the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions challenging the lawfulness of the application of the MIF on the basis that it discriminates against self-employed individuals and is irrational.

We have now reached the stage of the challenge in which we need to collate and prepare supportive evidence.

It would be helpful for the court to be provided with other examples which show the broad and varied range of situations in which individuals are caught by the UC provisions, as well as the different ways in which the application of the MIF has affected peoples' lives.

If you are self-employed, have been moved on to UC and have had the MIF recently applied, earn roughly the National Minimum Wage across the year, but experience significant fluctuations in income on a monthly basis, we would be grateful if you could provide a short summary of your situation which sets out how you came to be on UC and how the MIF is affecting you.

We would of course discuss your situation with you before sharing any information with the court and if requested by you we would anonymise the information.

If you are affected by the MIF and are interested in hearing more about our challenge, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries at