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Register for the last-minute European Parliament elections!

AS PREDICTED in the April Freelance, the European Parliament (EP19) election - scheduled for Thursday 23 May in the UK - has indeed got more complicated. Here's what you should do, if you haven't already and if you are a citizen of any EU member state:

And, if you are a citizen of any EU member state that is not the UK:

...and take it to your nearest Electoral Registration Office by Tuesday 07/05/19.

NOTE 8 May 2019:Some registration offices may accept this form later - but only if you registered to vote by 7 May.

; Young person with EU flag at March 2019 pro-Europe march in London;Photo:Matt Salusbury

A person not elegible to vote flies a EU flag at the latest pro-Europe rally in London, March 2019

Some electoral districts had already started posting polling card at the time of writing. It is not a legal requirement to present a polling card: it's merely a reminder of which polling station you should go to.

The only outcome in which you might be able to register for the EP 19 election in the UK after 7 May is if the UK agrees a deal with the U that includes late UK elections to the European Parliament. There is a 2007 Bulgarian precedent for this. But there's not yet been no talk of any such a move, so it's unlikely.

The above advice assumes that the UK has not suddenly left the EU already, having agreed a last-minute withdrawal deal to leave before 23 May - very unlikely at the time of writing.

This may well be the last vote for the European Parliament that UK nationals will get. As you prepare to vote on 23 May, we commend to you the EP19 manifesto by the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ, of which the NUJ is a part) at This calls for a revival of a free and pluralistic media in Europe.

Some members who are EU nationals have registered for a postal vote in their "EU 27" Member State or to vote in person at their UK embassy. Those who have done so and who have also received their UK EP19 ballot paper for a UK constituency are reminded that they can only vote in one country. To vote in two is a criminal offence. Some Member States' electoral authorities have sent emails to their citizens in the UK informing them of a deadline by which they have to "declare" to them that they're voting in the UK, not in their Member State. We think this deadline is 13 May in many countries - contact your embassy if you're unsure.