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Improve Union democracy

consultation ends 21/06

YOUR Union is seeking your proposals for improving union democracy and the accessibility of its Delegate Meeting (DM, its conference held every two years).

NUJ's Delegate Meeting 2014; Drawing: Matt Salusbury

Artist's impression of what NUJ's Delegate Meeting in 2014 in Eastbourne might have looked like.

This follows a resolution passed at the most recent DM in 2018, which instructed the NUJ's National Executive Committee (NEC, the body charged with day-to-day decision-making) to set up a working party to come back with proposals to improve democracy and accessibility to DM.

For a flavour of DM 2018, see here. For LFB's efforts to demystify DM for its members considering standing for election as its delegates to DM, see here. See also the NUJ's guide to union democracy.

The next DM is in the Spring of 2020. In plenty of time for that, the NUJ needs to know whether there any changes needed in the way the Union operates to serve its members. Do the Union's structures need to be transformed? Your input is needed.

NUJ Deputy General Secretary Seamus Dooley, explaining the background to the consultation, said; "What we aim to do is improve the union's democracy by making it more relevant to the very different environment to that which existed when the current structures were developed."

Seamus asks members to consider, "measures and practical changes to DM procedures, reducing the number of DM motions, streamlined preliminary agenda and final agenda, and the use of audio visual systems and electronic voting."

Possible input could include suggestions for "changes designed to make better use of the times between conferences, by promoting policy discussions at all levels across the union between conferences."

The working party also needs your input on how rules and practices can be made more relevant to non-traditional working practices. Can technology assist us in this task? How?

Maybe you feel completely detached from how the Union operates. If so, let the NUJ know why you feel this.

There's more detail on this appeal for input from members here.

Don't be afraid to be "critical, controversial or imaginative" adds Seamus. Your ideas please, to Seamus Dooley by email at by 21 June please.