Online only, so far


FREELANCE SALON Wales is on Saturday 12 October from 9:15 to 15:00. The theme this time is "Specialise or Diversify?".

Expert speakers include:

  • Carolyn Hitt, popular Welsh freelance writer, broadcaster, and co-director of Parasol Media Ltd;
  • Louise Bolotin, successful Manchester-based freelance journalist, editor, proofreader, copywriter and a former NUJ trainer who delivered "Pitch and Deal" workshops;
  • A BBC Wales news journalist (name TBC) promoting the BBC’s new freelance news pool in Wales; and
  • An experienced investigative journalist (TBC).

The registration fee - £10 for NUJ members - includes lunch. For non-members it's £15 and in each case there's a £15 deposit, refundable when you arrive.

To book, please follow the link below.