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NUJ gets photographers access to Pride

PRIDE in London suddenly refused to provide accreditation and access to its parade on 6 July for a significant number of photographers (mostly freelances). After a frantic two days of activity involving Freelance Organiser Pamela Morton, Frances Rafferty, Natasha Hirst, member Jess Hurd and our delegates at TUC LGBT conference including Adam Christie, and others, the NUJ managed to get Pride to reverse the decision and they did - at the last minute - give full access and accreditation to Press Card holders. Thanks also to Ann Galpin who spoke at TUC LGBT conference to raise awareness of the issue.

This raised a number of concerns for freelances. The organisers of a huge public event in a capital city saw fit to exclude the press from covering the event. They instead granted accreditation only to a very small number of photographers.

The NUJ had not been approached to advise, nor was the union informed of the decision to exclude the press, which was taken on spurious grounds of "security".

There is also a private security firm involved in advising PiL and they have popped up at other events where press photographers have then found it much harder to gain access.

The Photographers' Council is already working on this and we intend to approach bodies responsible for accrediting and training security guards to see how we can have a dialogue with them.