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6 January 2020

Update: It seems that the target of a Denial of Service attack on a server that affected the NUJ London Freelance Branch website was Papuans Behind Bars. Their online report that the attackers sought to supress is here.


As you can see, the website is back. We're sorry it wasn't available for a day. Apparently, the machine on which it lives suffered a catastrophic failure.

The following services are still not working:

  • Site search;
  • Sending Rate for the Job entries - please email - or other forms; and
  • Updating the Rate for the Job

Sorry about that. We're doing what we can to speed up The Restoration.

Please report any strange behaviour by the new machine to

7 November 2019

We think everything's back now.

7 November 2019

This article was updated to reveal that target of the Denial of Service attack is now known (see top of page).