Training alert - we need your input, twice

THERE are upcoming NUJ professional training course in London on Winning and Negotiating Freelance Work (Friday 25 October, £70 to NUJ members - see and a two-dater on Dealing with Bullying, Harassment and Stress, starting on Monday 28 October (see

There's also a workshop on Confidence Building, in particular building your confidence in dealing with tricky situations at work. It's on Monday 11 November and details are at

In addition to the NUJ professional training courses on offer in London, there are also numerous professional training courses run by NUJ Training Scotland - see - and NUJ Training Wales, for more information on which see

FEU Training - the training arm of the Federation of Entertainment Unions, of which the NUJ is a part, offer FREE courses to NUJ members on the business side of being self-employed.

Upcoming FEU courses (in London, Bristol and Birmingham) include cash flow, pitching and digital marketing.

To see what courses are available and to register for any of the courses, see - you'll need your NUJ membership number at the ready (it's on your membership card or Press Card).

But the funding of FEU Training is in peril. FEU Training needs to meet targets to ensure its continued funding, including members completing short online quizzes to assess their skills in English, maths and IT.

Please take a moment to fill out some quizzes online at Skillcheck - go to and choose the "non-unionlearn" and then "NUJ" menus.

Following a summer pilot, LFB has launched a new survey into members' training needs. If you have ideas for courses you would be interested in, please visit this SurveyMonkey page soon.