The excitement of video

WE HAD a full house at the launch of Video Consortium's newest chapter, hosted by London Freelance Branch at NUJ headquarters on 4 September. Over 60 filmmakers and friends joined us.


Dobriyana Tropankeva, Jenny Marc and Chloe Mamelok

We began the night with a bit of networking and then officially kicked off the event with two videos: Enter Toledo, the Spanish City of Swords and I Live Alone in an Island Paradise from Jacob Harrell, a producer with the Great Big Story company.

Jacob described the funny and perilous way in which he found one of his interviewees, and why editing is his favourite part of film-making.

We then saw an advance screening of a short Guardian piece: Teranga, Life in the Waiting Room. Co-directors Lou Marillier, Sophia Seymour and Daisy Squires explained the beauty behind being able to equally share the responsibilities of co-directing a documentary. They discussed when and why they decide to turn the camera off and put the subject's needs first. The night concluded with another Guardian documentary, Sam and the Plant Next Door, by director Ömer Sami, who joined us by online video call. He described the ways in which he found such dynamic characters and how he gained their trust.

The co-directors of the Video Consortium in London - Dobriyana Tropankeva, Jenny Marc and Chloe Mamelok - were excited by the positive response to the event.

Two of the night's most popular questions were "Why hasn't this happened in London before?" and "When will the next event like this be held?" The next event will again be hosted by London Freelance Branch in November: see here.