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IFJ launches new insurance for journalists across the world

THE INTERNATIONAL Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the world's largest organization of journalists, has announced it is partnering with Battleface - a provider of specialist insurance benefits and services for travelers visiting or working internationally - to offer an all-inclusive travel insurance to journalists.


This new insurance scheme will offer IFJ members protection while travelling and will include coverage in the world's most challenging places. Members will be protected for emergency medical expenses and evacuation, as well as covered against accidents and injuries. They will also be able to insure their equipment whilst travelling anywhere in the world.

IFJ President Younes Mjahed said: "Getting insured is an absolute necessity when traveling and working overseas. Media workers are often taking immense risks to report and many currently travel without any insurance. This is particularly true for freelancers who often do not benefit from media's own insurance schemes. This new insurance will allow this, at very affordable rates, to all our members across the world."

CEO of battleface, Sasha Gainullin said:"We are more than humbled to be able to offer assistance and protection so IFJ members can continue to work and travel internationally with security and peace of mind".