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Need to nominate

IT'S TIME for London Freelance Branch to vote on nominating people for seats on a host of NUJ bodies - at our meeting on Monday 11 November 2019.

Where the number of nominations exceeds the number of seats there will be an election - by postal ballot of the appropriate subset of full NUJ members or, in the case of some of the "other bodies" listed below, by a ballot of elected representatives to the NUJ Delegate Meeting in Southport on 24-26 April.

The main posts for which the Branch may wish to nominate candidates are:

National Executive Council 2020-2022

The National Executive Council is the elected body that handles all NUJ policy between Delegate Meetings.

  • Freelance seats (3)
  • London seats (4)
  • South East England seat
  • Photographer seat
  • Disabled members' seat
  • Black members' seat

Industrial Councils

Having written rules providing for representation of members working in the national newspaper industry, the broadcasting industry and so on, the NUJ proceeded to re-purpose the term to cover the freelance sector, photography and so on. These bodies advise the National Executive on policy for the relevant sectors.

  • Freelance Industrial Council (London 6; other regional seats to be discussed at the meeting)
  • Photographers' Council (to be confirmed)
  • New Media Industrial Council
  • Broadcasting Industrial Council
  • Magazine & Book Industrial Council
  • Newspapers and Agencies Industrial Council
  • Public Relations & Communication Industrial Council.

Other bodies

  • Ethics Council (freelance seat)
  • Appeals Tribunal (9 to be elected)
  • Disabled Members Council (7 to be elected)
  • Equality Council (7 to be elected)
  • Health and Safety Committee (1 freelance seat)
  • Journalist editorial Advisory Board (7 to be elected)
  • 60+ Committee - pensioners' parliament (6 to be elected)
  • NUJ Extra (5 to be elected)
  • Professional Training Committee (6 to be elected)
  • Standing Orders Committee (5 to be elected)
  • TUC delegation (3 to be elected)
  • Women's TUC delegation: (3 to be elected at DM and 2 are to be elected by the 2020 Equality Council)

The Branch may in principle be entitled to nominate people who are members of other Branches or for other seats, but this list is enough to be going on with.

If you want to seek nomination for any of these seats, please contact by midnight on Sunday 10 November.

In many cases you need to be recognised as working in the "sector" covered by the Industrial Council for which you want to stand; or to be recorded as identifying as a photographer, a Black member or a member with a disability.

Contact the NUJ Membership Department ( to tell them you wish to be recorded as being in that sector or demographic and also as a freelance.

And of course some seats are reserved for people living in a particular geographical area. The NUJ's definition of "London" has changed. You can now stand for a "London seat" if you live in one of the 32 London boroughs. To stand for South East England geographical seats you need to live outside London, as defined.

It's also important that you keep the NUJ Membership Department updated with your address and identification so that you can vote in relevant elections that ensue from this nomination process.