Claim ‘free money’ for visual contributions now

ALCS - THE Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society - collects fees for licences for secondary uses of your published written work, such as photocopying in university libraries and storage on academic and corporate databases. Yes, that's right, if you sign up to ALCS you get free money based on the articles you've had published in magazines and journals, as well as books. (Not newspapers, regrettably.)

Those of you who are already members of ALCS are reminded that the deadline for registering details of "visual contributions" - photos, diagrams and illustrations accompanying your published articles or appearing in your published books - is 31 December 2019. Details of visual contributions submitted by then will result in you receiving cash in the next "distribution", around March 2020. See for more on ALCS visual contributions. As ever, ALCS members should update the organisation on their published articles as well. If you've not joined ALCS, is where to go.

Visual journalists who create images are advised to join the equivalent collecting society for photography and visual arts, - the Design and Artists Copyright Society.