Insurance deals for NUJ members


A pew-end representing "slander" in Blythburgh Church, Suffolk - part of a series of the Seven Deadly Sins. It dates from the 1490s, so any person the carving may have slandered or otherwise defamed is definitely dead.

ARE YOU writing, or have you ever written, about anyone? Then you will want to consider protection under the NUJ members' Professional Indemnity Insurance. Vantage Professional Risks, previously named Imaging, who administer and manager the NUJ members Writers Professional Indemnity Scheme, have been acquired by Tasker Insurance and will be trading as Tasker Professional Risks. The team from Vantage have all moved over and will continue to service the needs of members in relation to Professional Indemnity and associated insurances.

The insurance cover provided by the scheme, devised specifically for NUJ members, protects you against a wide array of risks faced by professional writers today, including, but not limited to: libel, slander, defamation, breach of someone else's copyright, confidentiality or privacy, breach of contract, negligent error or omission, misstatement or any other issue that could result in a claim being made against you. The policy provides cover for costs incurred in defending an allegation or claim brought against you, whether such claim proves to be successful or not, and it pays losses or awards against you too.

Paul Woodward, one of the NUJ dedicated insurance advisors, adds: "Contractual requirements being levied on the writing profession are increasing and exposure is constantly evolving. The need for adequate protection against these perils has never been more imperative." Your advisors will continue to be Paul and Sarah-Jayne Senior. Their email address is or come back soon for phone numbers.

And: does your work involve travel? If so you will want to know that the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has announced it is partnering with Battleface to offer travel insurance that will offer NUJ members coverage in the world's most challenging places. Members will be protected for emergency medical expenses and evacuation, as well as accidents and injuries. They will also be able to insure their equipment whilst travelling anywhere in the world.

IFJ President Younes Mjahed said: "Getting insured is an absolute necessity when traveling and working overseas." See here for more on the IFJ scheme.