Don’t let your membership go

LONDON FREELANCE Branch reminds members that under NUJ rules you don't need to pay more than one per cent of your taxable income in union subscriptions - subject to a minimum of £10 a month.

Take all your business expenses off your turnover, just as in your income tax return, and ask the Union's administrators to let you pay one per cent of what's left.

This means that you need to submit evidence of income to the Union at the start of each year. If you are already on a reduced rate, you need to contact the membership office (via in plenty of time for 31 January of each year - or they will automatically put your subscription up to the standard rates.

If you apply for reduced rate subs by 31 March, you can get the difference between what you've paid and the reduced rate you should be paying refunded. Leave it beyond the end of March and your subs will stay at the standard rate until you apply for the reduced rate.

If you earn enough in any calendar year to go back onto standard rates, the Department will stop sending reminders. So if your earnings for the following year fall enough to take you back into reduced subs, you will have to contact Membership again.