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Transcribers revolt

SOON AFTER we reported Angus Batey mentioning his use of transcription service at the September London Freelance Branch meeting, Andrew Draper (@nordicandrew on Twitter) alerted us to the company's unilateral one-third cut in the rate it pays human transcribers. The transcribers are resisting, for example with this from @thricedotted:

"All right folks, I'm about to post a thread that's going to endanger the last reliable source of income I have. Spoiler: it's yet another example of a gig economy startup brazenly mistreating its workers... Rev advertises itself as being one of the cheapest transcription services around. a flat rate of $1 per audio minute! The exact rate that freelancers on rev get paid for a job is set by an algorithm, but the vast majority of jobs typically came in around $0.45-0.50 per audio minute, with $0.45 being the baseline.

"Last Friday, rev cut their base pay to their transcriptionists for $0.30 per audio minute - a full third - with practically zero warning. No email, just before a long weekend... almost as if they were trying to slip it past us.

As @slatornews pointed out, this was "retweeted thousands of times and... picked up by a number of media sites" - including a piece in the New York Times: "How a Gig Worker Revolt Begins".

There's a petition:

We're still pondering the ethics of using the machine transcription service. Instinct says not to, until the company sees sense. Readers have pointed us to the machine transcription service at