Support Turkish journalists

WRITER Ahmet Altan was re-arrested in mid-November, just eight days after he was released from prison in Turkey. Detained in the wake of the attempted coup of July 2016, Ahmet has been a focus for English PEN, who are asking journalists and authors to write messages in solidarity with him and other imprisoned writers via Colleagues with English PEN have attended Ahmet's hearings, raised his case in international forums and have endeavoured to ensure that Ahmet's voice continues to be heard, despite attempts to silence him. There's more information on Ahmet at - Turkey remains the world's biggest jailer of journalists.

There is also concern for the safety of Nurcan Baysal, a Kurdish journalist from Turkey, currently studying in London. Her house in Diyarbakir, Turkey was raided twice by police in 2019. In June some 20 anti-terrorism police broke down the doors and arrested her - over her Tweet on the Turkish invasion of Arfin, Syria: "Children and adults die every time a bomb falls." In October police ransacked the house: Nurcan has still not been informed of the reason for that raid, or told whether there is a criminal investigation against her.

She is concerned that she will be unable to visit her family in Turkey: see