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New year, new LFB Committee

THERE'S NOW a new Committee of NUJ London Freelance Branch following elections at our Branch AGM in January. For a full list of Committee posts and what they entail see here. There's a list of email contacts for Committee members here.

Pennie Quinton

Outgoing LFB Chair Pennie Quinton

The Committee prepares the agenda for the monthly Branch meetings of LFB - the biggest NUJ Branch by a long way - and puts proposals to the Branch on such initiatives as training and events, books meeting spaces, organises refreshments and prepares the agenda for the monthly Branch meetings of LFB. It organises New Members' Meetings and does a lot of work to ensure that we have relevant and engaging guest speakers at our Branch meetings.

Pennie Quinton has stood down as Branch Chair: we thank her for all her hard work over the last year. Her report to the Branch as outgoing Chair is here; other reports from Branch officers will follow shortly - watch this space.

LFB now has two joint Chairs, who will be sharing the rôle: Nick Reynaud-Komiya - he was joint Secretary in 2019 - and Matt Salusbury, who has been elevated from the Vice-Chair position he formerly held.

We welcome Pierre Alozie as our new Vice-Chair. Jenny Vaughan returns as Treasurer. Tony Levene was re-elected as joint Secretary, together in a jobshare with Tim Gopsill who has held the post before.

Also re-elected were Mike Holderness as Editor of the Branch newsletter the Freelance; and Matt Salusbury is again deputy editor of the Freelance and Nicci Talbot Social Media Officer in charge of the Branch's Facebook page and Twitter feed @NUJ_LFB. Len Mulholland and Jon Holden, both of whom have extensive experience of negotiations at the workplace level, were elected as joint Negotiations Officers.

As Membership and New Members Secretaries we have Phil Sutcliffe, supported Nick Reynaud-Komiya. 2019's joint Membership Secretary Francesca Marchese has stepped down. We give thanks for all her hard work and energy in the post, and congratulate her on the birth of her daughter Emma. Francesca continues on the Committee as a Member without Portfolio - see below. The next New Members' Meeting is on Thursday 30 April, details to follow.

Federica Tedeschi joins Safiullah Tazib as joint Equalities Officer. We thank Federica and also Tim Gopsill for all their hard work as joint Training Officers in 2019.There is a vacancy for at least one for at least one Training Officer.

Tim Dawson was elected as Welfare Officer. Where possible LFB has two welfare officers ' one male and one female, so there is a vacancy for a second Welfare Officer - preferably female.

Thanks are also due to Magda Ibrahim, who has stepped down as joint Equality Officer but continues on the Committee as Member Without Portfolio, along with Elizabeth Ingrams, Francesca Marchese and new Committee member Stuart Smith, who we welcome aboard the Committee.

We thank also Baris Cimen and Natasha Smith-Jones, who step down as Members without Portfolio. There are vacancies for three Members without Portfolio, at least one Training Officer and a Welfare Officer.

Candidates for the Committee should be full members of the NUJ, not temporary members.

At the AGM it was decided to inaugurate a new post on the Committee, that of Student Member, open to student members of LFB - there are now a lot of them. An election will be held in the March meeting. See here.

AGM also elected one auditor to scrutinise LFB's annual accounts, Alistair Dabs. We have a vacancy for another auditor.